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About Samaria Daniel

I'm Samaria Daniel, the hands and mind behind the camera at The Sprouting Image. I believe in the magic of kids.

I’ve been teaching and refining custom photo and video curriculum to kids, where they learn how to use a camera to tell a story and to document and communicate their world to others. Since their minds are innately creative, goofy, and full of life, there are no limits to what they can learn and achieve.

I grew up with a photographer dad and creative mom, who (almost annoyingly) took colorful, real photos and video me while I was growing up. I get why they saw such value in that practice now, and I’m so thankful for those images and the stories they tell about my childhood.
I recently moved to Seattle with my wife and our brand new baby, Judah. She is an incredible mama, video game producer, master puzzle maker, and a damn tasty home chef. We are so happy to be raising our kid in such a wonderful place, full of families like us.