A focused and consistent art practice can help boost academic skills, while also igniting confidence and self-awareness. 

Our creative tutoring classes are custom built around each kid's strengths, interests, and areas to build upon. We work closely with parents before our first session to get a clear picture of where your kids shine, and what types of learning push them creatively. Our goal is to get kids excited to take control of what their minds can create, and to spread the idea that making things is infinitely better for the world than buying things. 


STEP #1:  Contact us! Click the "LEARN MORE!" button above or reach out through our contact page!

STEP #2: We will setup a time to have a quick chat and answer any questions you have, get to know a little more about your family and how we can best empower your creative thinkers.

STEP #3: We come to you for a fun intro session to meet you and the kids and go over some of the projects and tools we will get to work with together. We get hands-on camera time, introduce the kids to their own creative arts kit, and give them their first fun project that we start together. We also introduce you to our mind+body warm ups that help calm our bouncing brains and get them ready to create!

Then, we setup official CREATIVE DAYS which are weekly creative tutoring sessions that are full of movement, fun, and engaging media arts curriculum. We build out an easy to follow timeline to challenge your kid's amazing mind to creatively write, film, photograph, and sketch, while helping them grow happily into themselves.  

We serve Los Angeles and San Diego families in person, and provide online tutoring for families outside Southern California.