Not that long ago, I worked crazy hours in the video game industry with lots of talented people including this smarty, Lou. We made a ridiculous amount of videos for Skylanders fans with Lou as the silly and wonderful host, and we played with a lot of toys. 😬 

Hooray for work friends who turn into real friends, and then make amazing kid friends. How CUTE is this family?!! 



Yesterday's photo class was so fantastic, I'm happy dancing at my desk as I write this.
This smarty pants was shooting manually within no time, with such a clear understanding of the concepts we covered. While adjusting aperture, shutter speed, and ISO as needed while shooting various subjects and lighting situations, she took some fascinating and beautiful photographs. She totally loved being in total control of the camera and had no idea she could see something in her mind and make the camera replicate it. I'm feeling proud as all hell over here, and am cooking up some fun projects for her next few classes!


I love these two memories from one of my favorite photo clients about the crazy rollercoaster that is being a new mom. I'm still on a kick about asking any and all parents advice before my wife and I have a baby. I'm all about gathering info from the experts, and so many of the moms in my life are full of advice and wisdom. 

"My toughest mom moment was when I had to be strong and guide her through a scary time when she was in the NICU on her 5th day of life. I had so many emotions running through me worrying about this tiny being. I was also thinking, I worked this hard to push you out, there's no way I'm giving up! A memorable happy moment was when Ripley was about 6 months old.  I remember I made her giggle and squeal at the very loudest I had ever heard her laugh before. At that moment I saw the pure love and joy on her face I realized how much I wanted to make her this happy all the time."   -Kristi Studdert

Ok, I'm happy crying into my coffee now, thanks Kristi! I hope you all have a beautiful day.


My wife and I are in the long process of trying to have a baby, and it's been such an interesting experience so far. To start the weirdest online shopping we've ever done, we opened a bottle of wine and picked out a donor that is super close to my ancestry, (my wife is the one carrying) and they hit most of our "must haves." Some of those things were: creative, mindful, healthy and smart, and we found a great match. In a fun twist, they even look incredibly similar to my brothers as kids.

We don't have baby news yet, but I'm already having a hard time not picturing a mixture of this sweet face on the left with my weird, frizzy-haired antics on the right. I can't WAIT.

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Crossing all the things,



This sweet family had me come over to their family home in Solana Beach to take photos of them all in one place. The day was filled with so much love and so many laughs. In a wonderful coincidence, it turns out I played softball in 5th grade with Lauren, who reached out to book the shoot! I just love how small this world is!

I adore seeing people that have been together for many years flirting with each other. These two are still pinching each other's butts and stealing kisses while their kids and grandkids are occupied. Major marriage goals right here.