In addition to our art-filled photo classes, we also provide Seattle and Bellevue parents with creative art activities for kid parties that are unique and colorful. 

We can customize a project based on age range and interests, or choose from one of the following ideas to get started! 

Screen Printing Sprouts:

Transform your own designs into a work of art! Make your design, pick your paint, and learn how to screen print like a pro before you learn how to photograph your finished piece! 

$25/child - includes materials for each party goer to create a custom tote bag and print

Slime Photography:

Party goers will become art scientists! After discussing the scientific components of slime, they will be led through the process of making slime and how to customize their creations to represent themselves. Then we will learn to take abstract photos of their finished pieces!

$24 /child - includes materials to create their own colorful slime experiments

Camera Potion Masters:

Experiment with colorful, bubbling, fizzing, and transforming materials to create your own magic potion and then experiment and learn with cameras to film it in action! Complete a recipe card to share with other partygoers and take your own potion creation home!

$24/child - includes materials to create their own potions



*We require a minimum of 10 kids for these options, but can customize packages for smaller groups as needed!