About Samaria Daniel


I grew up with a photographer dad and creative mom, who took colorful, real photos and video while I was growing up. I get why they saw such value in that practice now, and I’m thankful for those images and the stories they tell about my childhood. 

I received my bachelor's in media art while nannying and taking photos for NBC and Sony before getting a photo/video job in the video game industry in LA. After mentoring some young photo students at my job and getting insanely inspired to help more kids, I left the gaming industry to solely focus on The Sprouting Image. 

In 2017, I moved to the Seattle area with my wife and our brand new baby, Judah. My wife is an incredible mama, video game producer, master puzzle maker, and a damn tasty home chef. We are so happy to be raising our kid in such a wonderful place, full of families like us.


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