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I adore books and their strange magic. They can calm a swirling brain or instantly make laughter pour out of us. The remarkable experience of getting lost in a story or becoming fascinated with exploring unique ideas through reading is something that is precious and should be enthusiastically encouraged.
Two quick book recs- Furiously Happy, by the great Jenny Lawson for adults who need a laugh, and The Sneetches and Other Stories by Dr. Seuss for both kids and adults (so much goodness in that one!) 

What's the last great book you read?


While I was growing up, my family did not have a lot of money, and it was a huge (unnecessary) source of stress for my little brain. So much of my childhood was spent trying not to stand out in any way, and aiming to look like all the other girls was a huge part of that. 

I remember feeling sorry for myself and embarrassed by my family's situation. All that while I had a safe and warm home, healthy meals cooked for me daily, and was consistently surrounded by art and learning. (Thanks, Mom, Dad, and Grandma!!!) 

After years of being angry and scared about money as a kid, I see the huge importance of teaching kids from a very young age how to recognize and appreciate what they have and why learning about money can create a healthy and needed dialogue that can contribute to their future as happy and self-sufficient adults.

Check out this great article from Asha Dornfest of Parent Hacks on how to empower kids to be in charge of their money. 

How do you talk to your kids about earning, donating, and saving money? Any tips or comments are very welcome!