These are the last photos I took of my creative and ass-kicking grandma. Here she was testing out a charcoal pencil my wife and I got at her request, and after she let out a big “ahhh” while pressing it to the paper I snapped a few photos of her hands and face. She was always my biggest cheerleader and pushed me to break rules and make new art even if it was just for me. Love and miss you my fiery and lovely Grandma. ✨


She was always my biggest cheerleader and pushed me to break rules and make new art even if it was just for me. Love and miss you my fiery and lovely Grandma. ✨



My wife and I are only ONE DAY away from our baby's due date and things have been crazy and exciting. Besides nesting like mad and taking care of the amazing pregnant Mama, getting the business going in Seattle and teaching kiddos, I haven't had time or energy for much else. 

Thank goodness for the creative and smart designer Lindsay Goldner, who worked with my crazy brain to create a playful and bright brand refresh for the big move from LA to Washington and built a beautiful new site to go with it! I'm so happy to be bringing playfully easy photography to kids and families in Seattle, and soon my cute baby photo assistant will be here to help! 


After just a few months of tests, doctors appointments, and anticipation, we got the fantastic news that my wife is PREGNANT!!!  How in the world parents don't burst with happiness and worry at the same time, I don't know- but I'm learning! Mama and baby are both doing great, and we are happy, happy, happy!  

Since we've both been collecting children's books for a long time, there's a good chance this kiddo is going to be very well read. The above are some of my very favorites. Also, how freakin' adorable are these teensy shoes!? Terrible purchase for how fast they grow, I know...we just couldn't help it!  





I love these two memories from one of my favorite photo clients about the crazy rollercoaster that is being a new mom. I'm still on a kick about asking any and all parents advice before my wife and I have a baby. I'm all about gathering info from the experts, and so many of the moms in my life are full of advice and wisdom. 

"My toughest mom moment was when I had to be strong and guide her through a scary time when she was in the NICU on her 5th day of life. I had so many emotions running through me worrying about this tiny being. I was also thinking, I worked this hard to push you out, there's no way I'm giving up! A memorable happy moment was when Ripley was about 6 months old.  I remember I made her giggle and squeal at the very loudest I had ever heard her laugh before. At that moment I saw the pure love and joy on her face I realized how much I wanted to make her this happy all the time."   -Kristi Studdert

Ok, I'm happy crying into my coffee now, thanks Kristi! I hope you all have a beautiful day.


My body is in Los Angeles, but my mind is still in Italy.  We planned our honeymoon after a ridiculous amount of overtime and months of hard work for my wife on her latest project, Call of Duty-Black Ops 3. We had such a lovely trip, but my anxiety knocked me on my ass a few times.
Sometimes, I get nervous around big crowds of people. So, traveling after the Paris attacks through places like Brussels was a challenge. There were armed military guards on every block, and my sweet wife checked in and communicated with me in times where all I could think was, "There are three guns within 6 feet of my body- GO HIDE UNDER BLANKETS!"
We didn't hide, we kept all of our plans and did almost everything on our list of "must do's" before we have a baby. I'm so thankful fear didn't stop us from celebrating and exploring Europe together.